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TDW-315 High-precision roller turbine error detector

  High-precision roller turbine error detector is a special device for detecting error of tiny crack on the surface of bearing roller controlled by computer. Its inspection system is comprised of advanced micro-electronics technology and industrial computer 8098 with powerful functions to complete signal collection, data treatment and Chinese display on CRT screen.Its transmission system adopts advanced frequency conversion technology of Mitsubishi Japan and combines with mechanics, electrics and optics. It can detect tiny crack with depth 0.033mm on surface if properly adjusted. This device is impacted structured with high sensitivity and strong interference-resistance. It is easy to operation and the effect is more distinct on automotive production line. Type TDW-315 is applied to detect error on surface of cylindrical bearing roller and TDW-215 for tapered bearing roller.


TDF-310 Roller sorter

  Roller sorter is comprised of high-precision sensor, amplifier and computer data processing section and combines with mechanics, electrics and pneumatics. The system initiates zero compensation technology equipped with high-precision measurement device and guide double-row material intake machine controlled by micro-computer. It adopts transmission pneumatically equipped with 20 store boxes for sorting of outer diameter and length at the same time. Its electrical system adopts photoelectric coupler and the power supply adopts LC filter to prevent interference of measurement amplifier of high & low frequency pulse. The mechanical structure is vibration proof. Therefore, the device owns performance such as high precision, reliable stability, impacted structure and convenient operation etc.