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  Roller or needle roller which look common is very important for vehicles on speed so that its quality is crucial for its performance.
  Since founded in the beginning of 1992, Tongda has been considering high quality and new technology as key to development of enterprise. The company has passed ISO-9002 certification issued by Shanghai Quality System Auditing Center upon requirements of modern quality management.
  During the past several years, Tongda had concentrated on R&D of high-precise turbine error detector of cylindrical roller type TDW-135, which approved by national authority. Technical index of rollers & needle rollers type TDF-310 has reached international level and has been successfully applied to detect error and sort rollers & needle rollers of bearings on high-precision sorter of vehicle.
  The enterprise could provide various high-precision needle roller series G2, G3, cylindrical roller series II, III and bearing roller type III, kinds of overall crowned, relieved end, variant-curvature cylindrical roller and needle roller according to user requirements.
  Tongda owns enough technology strength to take manufacturing and process of various rollers & needle rollers, such as straight generatrix type, overall crowned type, arc slope type, relieved end type and advanced variant crowned rollers & needle rollers.

  The drawing indicates stress distribution under condition of light load, medium load and eccentric load when generatrix of roller & needle roller appears in different curve.
  Apparently, the concentration of stress per relieved end curve improves effectively because of round transition between arc slope and straight generatrix. So the lifespan of this roller & needle roller will extend a lot. In recent years, the company has developed roller & needle roller with logarithm curve generatrix (variant crowned type) whose precision index of each technology equals to international advanced level. The experts indicate that the lifespan of variant crowned roller & needle roller could be increased by several times because of evener stress distribution, normally 2 to 3 times longer.
  The surface process of high-precision cylindrical roller & needle roller adopts crowned super-precision technology. The roughness of surface will decrease and round deviation will be improved and cross net remained will make surface reserve oil film for coating after super-precision treatment so as to reduce noise and vibration of bearing for longer lifespan and to improve performance.
  Bearing assembly factory could select production according to requirement of designer, or consult with our professional engineers and technologists of technique department then choose suitable rollers & needle rollers as well.

Light Load Medium Load Eccentric Load Working Section
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Straight Generatrix
Overall Crowned Type
Arc Slope Type
Relieved End Type